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About us

Customer Service

Bringing Back a Classic

At our core we believe in good old fashioned customer service. It’s becoming harder to find in an age of Alexa’s and automation. 


Nothing Old Fashioned About Our Tech

My Quick Estimate uses the latest and greatest technology to give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Our Team

The Founders

My Quick Estimate’s founders have the perfect blend of real-world experience and technical skill. Jeff Hebner and James DiPilla have been building ever since they could swing a hammer. They share that experience of stepping back and saying, “I built that.” Completing a project is something to be proud.

Helping businesses grow is no different. We’re extremely proud of all of our customers and the success they have been able to achieve. We’re honored to be able to step back and say we helped build it.

Technical Staff

My Quick Estimate is, and always will be, 100% US based. The talented individuals we hire share the values and vision of our clients and partners. We’re all passionate about technology and the way it shapes our future. We’re all committed to helping businesses grow and achieve new levels of success.

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